Radical Reps Baseline Training (RRBT)
A Program to Significantly Increase Your Baseline Grip Power

by Bill Piche


The Radical Reps Baseline Training (RRBT) Program is a program that's designed to increase your baseline gripping power. Specifically, your gripping power for closing hand grippers.  This program was also designed to be used prior to embarking on The KTA Program and providing the athlete with a good base for "RADICAL" grip training.

The fact is the hands are different. My KTA Program confirmed it. All one has to do is look at the feedback from those that have used the program.  Many athletes new to grip aren't ready for the intensity of the KTA Program.  They don't have the "baseline" conditioning and training to handle it.  I pondered this for several years and came up with a program to not only increase baseline gripping power but overall hand strength as well. And, it was a program I thought could be used by veterans as well! 

It's structured, it's methodical, and is based on my 10 Principles of Grip Training.  Just like I did when I developed the KTA Program, I opened up an Internet discussion forum, asked for volunteers,  and had them try the program. We discussed it. And we made tweaks based on their feedback. The results of the experiment culminated in the development of this program.  It's a program that works!

Here is some feedback from Mike Rinderle and Paul Knight who were two of the RRBT Lab Rats:  

It was brutal, but well worth it. After recovering and peaking, it was exactly what I needed to get the MM2. After the peaking phase (and after my failed attempt a couple of weeks ago), I also incorporated some choker work on heavier grippers as well.

After the peaking phase I was able to close my 178 lb 3.5, which was 12 lb harder than any gripper I had closed before RRBT!

Overall, I liked it. It was a good change for me. Got me doing structured workouts again, which was also cool. If people can stick with this, I guarantee they will have a good base of strength.

Mike Rinderle
MashMonster Level 2


It was intense.

What needs to be conveyed to people purchasing this program is that it won't make you close the #4 over night, but that it will lay a good foundation and a place to start on your road to closing your goal gripper. (Hence the name RRBT - Radical Rep
BASELINE Training) I believe that this program in combination with KTA will get you to your goal.

I will tell you that my endurance is through the roof on my left hand (editor's note: Paul went through the program with just his left hand due to a prior right hand injury that was healing). I went from struggling to do 5 reps on the Vulcan level 12 to closing it on that setting 80+ times in a day. I'm sure my endurance will go back down once I get through peaking, but I hope to have a gain on my 1 rep max then it starts all over again.

Thanks Bill for allowing us to take part in this program.

Paul Knight
MashMonster Level 6


At the end of RRBT Paul was able to close the IronMind #3.5 gripper!  Paul went on to certify officially right handed for the #3.5!  Here is a video of the off hand close:




Here is more feedback from RRBT Program!

After two cycles on the One Week Blast Base Kicker I closed not one, but two #3's in a contest setting. Now, mind you, this was not from using the full RRBT Program. This was from two cycles of a one-week program designed to increase base strength for RRBT!

I went from struggling to close a 141# #3 to slamming it shut with authority. The other #3 was calibrated at #155. So, after only two weeks I saw about a 15# increase to my max closing ability.

I can't wait to see where I am at after completing a full cycle of
RRBT. I will keep you updated!

Chris Hunt


Accomplished the following after six phases: RB 240 closed with RH RB 210 and COC 2.5 closed with LH Much improved endurance and lizard-like skin with scaly looking ridges throughout that prompt my kids to ask, "daddy, what's that....? Eeew!!!

When advised, started using a wide set and noticed the momentum generated during the sweep was a positive factor in closing a goal gripper. Therefore, the higher rep scheme promoted speed, which I soon realized was something I needed. Learned that using bands for extensors is crucial. Learned how to better stabilize the palm side of the gripper using multiple reps Learned that it is possible to be scared of a gripper and that when scared, one instinctively performs three full body movements: the gripper is shoved away from the torso while the eyes close tightly, which consequently causes the head to extend back and away from the body thereby creating maximum separation between one's brain and the gripper. Of course, the legs have straightened during the movement and the toes have curled down, so when one notices pain in the largest three toe-nails, this is what happened. When one imagines seeing the gripper decorated with an olive drab boonie hat while seated snugly in a make-shift fox hole that is situated near his kids' swing set in the back yard, an extra off day may be in order, but maybe not since the experience builds character.  One's wife may or may not think he's crazy, depends on if he was already crazy or not.  Started KTA today.....not worried about the volume, will be no sweat. I will close the #3 with my right hand and will be very close with my left. And I will be doing RRBT again.... I do recommend RRBT!!

I almost forgot to mention the before the program/after the program comparison:

Before, could close the handles with a #2.5
After, touched the handles with RB240 and BBSM, both of which were between a #2.5 and #3

Before, could not close the #2
After, closed the #2.5 and RB210

Based on comments from people I see fairly often, it seems the size of my forearms increased.

Greg Martin


RRBT worked for me! I started a bit weak but ended strong. I got my left hand goal closed in the middle of the program. My right hand goal is very close to being shut. The RH goal is a #2.5 which I can close when I try a normal #2.5 and I even shut a "hard one" but mine is very hard (@146lb).  In the beginning I could just barely shut a #2 with the right. My skin is tougher now and my tendons can take the high reps better. I recommend this program. To any one thinking of doing RRBT - go for it, but listen to the advise of not doing other grip stuff like bending!



I finished roughly 2 weeks ago. When I started, I knew basically nothing. I had the Trainer, #1 and #2. I had trouble with the Trainer for 10 reps, and I had to get the beefbuilder advanced for my 5 rep gripper. The early phases weren't too bad, but around phase 5-6 the 5 rep gripper got tougher for me. The program does make you feel weaker as the later phases come, but I stuck with it. I didn't really have a specific goal per se at the start, just to get a good base, toughen up my hands, and get stronger. The #1 which I could only get to parallel at the beginning was finally closed around phase 7, so I was psyched. Now a few weeks later, I can easily close the #1 for 8 reps both hands, and I'm a mm away from the #1.5. The #2 is not too far away now as I try to incorporate more well rounded overall grip training. One really positive outcome of the RRBT is I found it really helped me focus my overall training. As many will tell you, you need to get the central nervous system warmed up doing grippers. But my arms and hands were so tired, that I shied away from a lot of other lifts. Now I find that when doing other lifts, pushups and pullups etc, my grips are stronger when I pick them up. I've also incorporated using FATGRIPZ(from board sponsor SORINEX on all dumbell lifts and pullups-I highly recommend the FATGRIPZ for general forearm strengthening, and a constant grip challenge.) My pullups have greatly improved, specifically a PR of 13 softball pullups. My Trainer and BB Advanced are now filed and click easily, and I now have 9 grippers!

I want to thank all who chimed in with words of encouragement, especially Rich who did the program at the same time as me. It can get a bit lonely thinking you are the only one trudging along with
RRBT, and the occasional supportive word really helps motivation. I would highly recommend RRBT to anyone new or old to grippers. I also have the KTA program, but I'm not ready to begin another intensive program, but I am using some of the principles in it. If the #2 doesn't come within a few months, KTA will surely get me over the hump. Grippers are addictive, and if you need a great place to start RRBT is where you should begin. I bought KTA first, because it's so well known when looking for grip programs, but I am glad I started with RRBT to get a base, and I feel the lessons I learned from it have given me the base to reach my immediate goals. Thanks again to all who read my log.

Chris Hope 

I purchased a CoC 2.5 in late December 2010. About a week after getting the 2.5 I was able to close it for 5 parallel reps.   

Fast forward to June 2011. I can now close that 2.5 for...5 parallel reps. That was when I decided to order
RRBT. It is now September. The gains already reaped from RRBT are better than I ever could have expected.    About halfway through RRBT the reps on the 2.5 started to shoot up. With two weeks left in the program the CoC 3 went down, and it just keeps getting easier and easier. Towards the end of the program there were a few long days of squeezing grippers (chalking up the hands during a lunch break to get some closes in), along with some pretty sore fingers and hands- but it was worth every second.   

Thank you Bill for an awesome program. Wish I would have ordered it sooner!  

Aaron Baumann


I highly recommend the Radical Reps Baseline Training Program (RRBT). When I started on 10/24/11, I was hit or miss on my GNC 200 (120 lbs), and I failed after three reps with my IM #2 (111 lbs) when I tested for my 5 rep gripper. On 11/21/11 I shut my goal gripper, an IM #2.5 (129 lbs), during a rest day. Three days later I did 23 triples with my IM #2. On 12/19/11, I did 21 sets of four reps with my IM #2, the same gripper that I couldn’t get for four reps less than two months earlier. During the peaking phase, I got 10 singles with my goal gripper, my IM #2.5.  RRBT changed the way I think about gripper training. I found out I respond well to high volume training, and now I am much more prepared, both physically and mentally, to handle it. I will use RRBT concepts as I go forward with my training. Thanks Bill!



I am completely finished with RRBT and all I can say is it works like magic. I exceeded my goal gripper with my right hand and can hit it with my left hand more often than not. It hurts your hands, takes a ton of dedication, and is mentally taxing, but it made a believer out of me. Thanks for the program Bill.

Colt Anstine (Colt)


Well, I finally closed my Captains of Crush # 2.5. I've been carrying that gripper around for the better part of a decade. My dad probably bought me it when I was still a teenager for my birthday or something lol. RRBT has worked like a charm and I'm not even half way done with it. I'm very happy with my progress so far. Not so happy with the searing pain in the skin of my pinkies and palms, but I'm quietly freaking out right now about closing this gripper. I've been wanting to close this thing for YEARS!!!   I could feel the handles touch with the 3 right hand closes I did. I got one dicey close with left hand that wasn't even a parallel set. Still got some work to do with that hand. It's still lagging.

Stephen Wokanick


The Radical Reps Baseline Training Program is now available to everyone in E-book format!  All the elements of the program are included.   In addition, there is a special section on one of the most neglected and overlooked part of increasing your strength with the grippers: Gripper Technique.  Also included are three example technique videos specific to the RRBT program to help guide you for how to perform your reps in the program.

Special Offer: Now included FREE with the Radical Reps Baseline Program is access to the SPECIAL RRBT discussion forum on the Gripboard (www.gripboard.com)!  The private RRBT Discussion Forum allows you to create your own personal workout log when following the Radical Reps Baseline Training Program, you can ask questions, see the original "lab rat" training logs from the RRBT experiment and you can receive feedback from myself and other Radical Reppers


 Here's the actual E-book Table of Contents:

RRBT Principles

Conditions for Success

Hand Therapy

Gripper Selection

Gripper Technique

Gripper Technique - Video Examples

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

Phase 6

Phase 7 - Peaking Phase

Phase 8 - Peaking Phase

Phase 9 (Advanced)

Phase 10 (Advanced)

Going Forward


The Radical Reps Baseline Training Program is now available to you for the cost of a typical gripper: $24.95

In addition, we offer you FREE access to the special RRBT Discussion Forum.  The private RRBT Discussion Forum allows you to create your own personal workout log when following the RRBT Program, you can ask questions, and you can receive feedback from myself and other Radical Reppers.  

RRBT Discussion Forum access only: $0 - FREE to those who purchase RRBT!  A $39.95 value for $24.95!

Requirements: Windows 95/98/XP/Vista/Version 7, Windows Media Player 7.0 or above (Click here to download the FREE player).

Here's how you can get it:


1.  You can purchase the E-book using your credit card through PayPal and you will be able to download it immediately.  During the PayPal process you will specify a username/password so you can gain immediate access to the download area.  You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to purchase the E-book.

2.  Once you download the E-book to your computer hard drive, simply follow the instructions to the letter in the download area.

Note: The RRBT E-book can only be viewed on one computer (the computer it is unlocked on) to protect the content and cannot be printed, copied, and must be read while sitting at your computer.

Yes, I want The Radical Reps Baseline Training Program and access to the GripBoard RRBT forum for FREE for just $24.95!


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WARNING: The routines and techniques described in this e-book are intended only for healthy men and women. People with health problems should not follow the routines without a physician's approval. Before beginning any exercise or dietary program, always consult your doctor. By purchasing this book you have accepted the inherent risk associated with exercise, specifically exercise to improve grip strength.