Maximized Bending

by Eric Milfeld

Eric bends a 6.25" IronMind Red Nail. He's the 7th in the World to be Certified in bending a Red Nail


Mazimized Bending
provides the blueprint to becoming a successful bender of steel.  Eric Milfeld, the 7th man in the world to bend the IronMind Red Nail, provides you the information you need to start your way towards becoming a successful bender of steel and provides information for the advanced bender as well.  It covers all aspects of bending and includes routine recommendations for beginners through advanced trainees.

This 16.0 Megabyte E-Book is more than just text and is actually a combination video/book. It contains 4 video clips where Eric breaks down the technique and wrapping for bending in an easy step by step fashion and more!


 Here's the actual E-book Table of Contents:

Table of Contents

Why Bend?

Padding & How to Wrap

What to Bend
    Bending Progression in 10 Steps



Training - Assistance Exercises

Training - Beginners Routine

Training - Intermediate/Advanced

Goals and Progress


About the Author


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WARNING: The routines and techniques described in this e-book are intended only for healthy men and women. People with health problems should not follow the routines without a physician's approval. Before beginning any exercise or dietary program, always consult your doctor. By purchasing this book you have accepted the inherent risk associated with exercise, specifically exercise to improve grip strength.