Arthur Jones – A Legend


Arthur Jones was born November 22, 1926. The mold was then broken. He began doing things his way from the start and continued doing exactly that until he passed on August 28, 2007. Where common men would stumble and be held back by seemingly insurmountable problems, Arthur simply drove on in a most natural way. That was his way. He did not wait to see what others might do. He did not care what anyone else was doing. He was driven by the pure impulse to create in order to solve problems and achieve goals. Where others would talk about what they thought should be done, what they were told by someone else, and how might be the best way to do something, Arthur simply solved, built and moved on, leaving all others in his dust. It was his drive to create that was his genius and that made him a legend. As with all legends, the myths about Arthur will live stronger and longer in common men. Myths are attached to all legendary men even when the facts are more significant. That is just the way it is. Arthur did not tolerate myth, would not accept assumption, and would never lower himself to accepting someone’s opinion without proving it out for himself. That was for the common men and sycophants he tolerated and allowed in his presence. That is what set him apart from all but a handful of all of the people he came into contact with over a long and exciting life. That is what made him a legend. May he rest in peace.


John Szimanski

Piedmont Design Associates